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Jan. 26, 2003
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Dansk / danish

Find DK surveyor

Fill in anything that is known about the DK surveyor, that you are looking for. Hit ENTER or the button 'Alle' for a list with all, who accepts the query. The buttons 'Forrige' og 'Nęste' shows the previous and next surveyors alone.

'Find module' above works only if Java is enabled in a newer browser.

or - List with links to all DK surveyors and more

or - Try the server

or - Direct typing of addresses.

One purpose with the server is exactly the possibility to type in the address directly for any surveyor in Denmark. All surveyors is placed on the server, normally by the city name, where the surveyor has it hometown. You type in the Internet address in the address field, that normally is shown in the top of the Internet browser you use. If the address field is missing, it is normally possible to open it somehow in the setup of the browser.

If we don't have an URL Internet address on one company, a page is shown with the surveyors address and data like the example here: If we have an URL address on the surveyor, their homepage on the Internet will pop up on the screen, as the example shown here: