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Jan. 26, 2003

Dansk / danish

WAP on

Here on the site is also found a WAP site with several pages, that you can access by your WAP mobile telephone or by the WAP emulator above.

The WAP emulator is called with the shown address, where it's possible to insert whatever WAP address. A window pops up, that shows a WAP mobile telephone, and you can now surf the WAP site on almost the same manner, as if you stood with the telephone in your hand.

There are several opportunities on the WAP Landmaal site:

  • Find your DK land surveyor, free text searching
  • Find DK 'Ejerlav' codes and names
  • Find DK postal codes and districts with street names in Copenhagen
  • Transformation between DK System 34/45, UTM 32 and KKJ
  • Calculate True North / Azimuth from coordinates in System 34/45, Kp2000 or UTM